Sunday, February 19, 2006


Today we're kicking off the CheckRayz Poker freeroll poker tournament weblog, known as the Freeroll Poker Pub. We're going to have several guest posts here recapping both CheckRayz freeroll poker tournaments and other freeroll poker tourneys. This is your opportunity to tell yer story, be it a disaster in a poker tourney, or a failure (read bad beat, outdonked, etc) in a freeroll poker event.

Posts regarding Buy-in poker tourneys will not be permitted in this weblog, nor will reference to any online poker buyin events. This weblog is used exclusively to discuss, announce, and reflect upon upcoming, and/or previous online poker freeroll tourneys and live poker freeroll tournaments. Feel free to discuss or reference CheckRayz freeroll poker tourneys, onlineshark freeroll poker tourneys, and shark poker tour freerolls, but do not reference buy-in poker tourneys from any of these sites or from any other site and/or poker room, be it live or online.

If you wish to read about real money buy-in poker tournaments, feel free to drop in on the "wet" end of the Poker Pub. This weblog represents the "dry" end. Additionally, feel free to drop in to read up on the world of my partner, Sharky on his poker weblog.

If you wish to become a guest writer, be it a one time basis, or perminant basis, please feel free to drop me a line. Prizes may be awarded for participation, however all rights will be reserved. Literary works submitted to this freeroll poker weblog immediately become the property of We reserve the right to edit, modify, and/or adjust the article in any way we deem appropriate. We will, of course, give you, the author credit for your work, however, it becomes ours.

Finally, webmasters and bloggers alike: should you wish to link to our blog, feel free to propose exchanging links by writing me.

I hope you enjoy reading and participating in this weblog and look forward to its potential.


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President - CheckRayz