Saturday, February 25, 2006

CheckRayz Freeroll Poker Tourney FAQ 3

Question - "I can't log on to the CheckRayz site to join the Freeroll Tourney (insert tourney of choice here) and get the password. Can you help?"

Answer - First, go to the CheckRayz site. Click Forgot Password. I've taken the liberty of making it easier for you by providing the link here. Type the email address in which you think you registered with us in the box provided. Click Submit.

A password should be generated to the email address provided... well, unless you're not a member, at which time the page would tell you such things. So, if it says you're not a member, either retype your email address and try again or register for the CheckRayz site.

Anyways, let's assume that you clicked submit and a password was delivered. Go to your email account and retreive this letter. Got it? ok, good. Come back to CheckRayz and focus your attention on the box on the right side of the page... you know what I'm talking about, the one that says "Login to CheckRayz." Ok, keep focusing...

Now, I'm gonna throw ya for a loop here, but this is the only way to make sure we get this right the first try. Remember that email I said to hold onto? Well, I meant keep it in a spot accessable to you right now. We're going to highlight the text of that letter I sent ya... Wait, not yet!!! Find your email address on that letter. Highlight that. To highlight, hold the left mouse button and scroll over your email address. Once you've done that, let go of the mouse button. OK, now your email address is neatly highlighted. This is going to take some coordination, but now I'd like you to press the CTRL key on your keyboard AND the C button on your keyboard at the same time. Did it? Good! U've copied your email address to the clipboard. OK, come back to the login box. Now we're going to PASTE that info into the appropriate "email" field by pressing (at the same time once again) CTRL and V. Got it? Excellent!!!

Now find your password on the email. Highlight it, Ctrl C it, go to the password block and Ctrl V it. Then press submit and BAM!!! You're logged onto the site, unless you're not. At which time try again and if that doens't work, email me.