Wednesday, March 01, 2006

FAQ Repost - Problems registering with touchstone for the freeroll...

Question - "Why can I not register for the TouchStone Poker Freeroll Tourney / What is the password for the TouchStone Poker Freeroll Tourney with CheckRayz?"

Answer - First, did you download through one of the CheckRayz links? Like, perhaps this one, for example right here. Ok, once you're certain you downloaded from me, you log on to the TouchStone Poker client. I assume you've created an account with them already... you know, user name and password. If not, please do so before reading further.

1 - Download & Install Software
2 - Create a Player Account
3 - Complete the user details form by clicking on the "cashier" button in the bottom left corner of the lobby in the game. Don't forget to click on the "Save Changes" at the bottom. Close the website window.
4 - Close the poker room software and wait 30 minutes. Your pass will be available when you reopen the poker room software after 30 minutes.

5. OK, got the user name and pw thing goin on with them? Excellent! Click on "tournaments" and then "scheduled" and locate the CheckRayz freeroll tourney. Double click on the CheckRayz tourney. You'll see the tourney lobby. Click "register." A registration box will pop up. There is a field called "exchange." There will be a coupon there, if you scroll down. Consequently, we're exchanging a coupon for entry into this tourney... Kinda neat if you ask me. Give them your coupon and join the tourney... Easy enough, right? Well, just as long as you know you need a coupon.