Thursday, March 02, 2006

cancelling touchstone tourney...

I sent a request to the rep at touchstone poker to cancel the freeroll tonight that checkrayz were supposed to hold. The problems and issues as a result of my scheduling a tourney with them is too circus like to support us holding the tourney there.

I've had more "please help" emails than registrations. My understanding is their customer support is doing little to help our members (maybe their hands are tied too, who knows). In any event, I'm pulling the plug on the tourney from a league standpoint. If the tourney holds, good luck to those who entered. If not, I appologize to everyone, both those who registered and those who tried and tried unsuccessfully to do so.

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pizzapat said...

Well I did not know that the tourney was cancelled so I showed up. There were 23 people in it. I did win the whole darn thing! So I guess this will not count towards the leaderboard? Just my luck to win one just to find out the next day it was cancelled. It was not a good night for poker I guess, cause the other tourney that I wanted to play at Absolute was cancelled by Shark! I give up! One thing about that site, it has the crappiest software that I have ever played on! There was an hour break between rounds! Everyone was like not believing this. I know, when you play the big tourneys, that hour breaks are common---but on-line?? It was nuts. Now I have 40.00 on the worst site in the world!! Will go and look for one big tourney to blow it on. TGIF!!!!!!!!!!